The Africa Vision:

Heavy and Light Manufacturing

Over the past fifteen years, Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced rapid economic growth at an average annual rate of 5.5%. But since 2008, the share of manufacturing in GDP across the continent has stagnated at around 10%.  This calls into question as to whether African economies have undergone structural transformation – the reallocation of economic activity across broad sectors -- which is considered vital for sustained economic growth in the long-run.


The potentials of the manufacturing industry in Nigeria and Africa are enormously untapped, with consideration to the abundant natural and human resources at hand. The continent has so much to offer to the global market and to investors in finished products and returns, respectively. Chidire Industries is on the front-line of becoming one of Africa’s biggest manufacturing and service provision power-houses in the coming years.


I am grateful to the management and staff of Chidire Industries for their immense contribution towards the realization and sustenance of this big picture.

David Ekwueme (Chidire)


Simmy  Avenue, Km 4  Nkpor – Umuoji Road, Nkpor Onitsha, Nigeria.


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